Online Keno: History Of The Game

Keno is a popular chance and against the odds game that is offered in casinos both on site and online. The more popular of the two is the online game because the player is able to play for fun with points instead of real cash. Keno is played by the player choosing how many numbers, up to twenty, they would like to wager. Once the player has chosen their numbers the computer then chooses the same amount of numbers and if the computer chooses the same numbers as the player then the player wins. keno

The History of the game Keno has come a long way. Keno was first invented in China where there is a legend that the invention of this game saved a city during a time of war and the proceeds from the game helped build the Great Wall. But due to the rules in China, using lottery funds to fund a monument was not allowed. In China, Keno was a sort of lottery game and was played using Chinese symbols on pieces of paper. Then they would randomly choosing the pieces of paper from a bowl, cup, or hat.

Chinese immigrants introduced the game to the West when they sailed over during the nineteenth century. The west then took the idea and made it into another idea by changing some of the features. Using American numbers on a computer generated system popularized the game by letting players have a faster, less predictable way to play. Keno was once offered throughout many on site casinos but since there was a decline in players they have removed most of the games but they are still a favorite in online casinos.

Many people enjoy the easiness of the game and the chance you take by picking numbers that may or may not be chosen by the Keno computer. If you would like to play Keno online then you can go to your search engine and type in the keywords: Keno online where it will take you to a list of available online casinos that offer Keno. You can choose to play for points and fun or play for real cash.

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