Online Keno: Rules Of Playing Online Keno

Playing Keno online is an easy and fun way to spend your time. Keno is a game of chance and beating the odds. The player chooses Keno numbers that they think the computer Keno machine will choose. The more winning numbers the player chooses, the more they will receive for a payout. Some online casinos offer their players a chance to play with points for fun or to play for actual cash payouts.

The Rules of Online Keno are very simple to learn and this is one of the many reasons why so many people enjoy playing it. The rules of Keno that can be easily remembered are you have to simply choose one to ten numbers in between a range of one through eighty. Choosing how many numbers is up to the player and how much they would like to wager. Many casinos may offer a quick pick of twenty numbers. After you choose your numbers; the computer Keno machine will then pick one through ten numbers between the one through eighty number range.

When the machine picks one or more of the same numbers the player picks this is called a “catch” and the more of these the player gets correct, the more the player wins. The numbers that are chosen are based on how many numbers the player chooses; the computer matches the same amount of numbers. This game has caught on quick do to the player having the control on the amount of numbers that they can pick which allows the player to choose how much they want to wager.

Since Keno first came out, the game has been removed from many onsite casinos because of the decline in players but it is still offered in many casinos over the web because many have the option of not playing with real cash. If you would like to try your luck at a game of Keno you can simply type the keyword: online keno into your search engine and you will be directed to a list of online casinos that offer this game for real cash or for fun play.


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