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Online Keno: Strategies

Keno is an online casino game where you have to guess the winning Keno numbers that are selected by the computer. It is easy to play and provide the player with a lot of fun. The more winning numbers the player chooses, the more money they can win. Some of the casinos online provide the player the chance to play Keno with actual money and payouts while some online casinos only offer points on their site and the player can play without paying for it and just for fun.

The Online Keno Strategy consists of deciding how many numbers the player wants to wager on and this is probably the biggest strategy to remember. The more numbers the player bets on, the more of a chance there is at winning by getting matches. Payouts at casinos are usually based only on the amount of matching numbers. The highest payout a player can receive is if they pick fifteen numbers and then they all match with the computer chosen Keno numbers. Keno payout usually is 10,000 to one in casinos online playing for actual cash and in local casinos.

The element of control is an essential that makes playing Keno so much fun. The player can choose how much they want to wager, how many numbers you would like to pick, and how many rounds of Keno you want to play. Playing Keno on the internet is really up to the player on how much or little they would like to play. A lot of online casinos offer Keno in a downloadable version allowing the player to play without having to sign onto the site each time.

Before playing Keno for actual cash it is recommended that you check out the odds of picking and winning the Keno numbers as well as the payout for that particular Keno game. You should also think about how many numbers you want to wager. If you want to try your luck playing Keno then you can go to your search engine and type in the keyword Keno where it will list sites that offer them on their online casinos for free and for real cash.

Online Keno: Rules Of Playing Online Keno

Playing Keno online is an easy and fun way to spend your time. Keno is a game of chance and beating the odds. The player chooses Keno numbers that they think the computer Keno machine will choose. The more winning numbers the player chooses, the more they will receive for a payout. Some online casinos offer their players a chance to play with points for fun or to play for actual cash payouts.

The Rules of Online Keno are very simple to learn and this is one of the many reasons why so many people enjoy playing it. The rules of Keno that can be easily remembered are you have to simply choose one to ten numbers in between a range of one through eighty. Choosing how many numbers is up to the player and how much they would like to wager. Many casinos may offer a quick pick of twenty numbers. After you choose your numbers; the computer Keno machine will then pick one through ten numbers between the one through eighty number range.

When the machine picks one or more of the same numbers the player picks this is called a “catch” and the more of these the player gets correct, the more the player wins. The numbers that are chosen are based on how many numbers the player chooses; the computer matches the same amount of numbers. This game has caught on quick do to the player having the control on the amount of numbers that they can pick which allows the player to choose how much they want to wager.

Since Keno first came out, the game has been removed from many onsite casinos because of the decline in players but it is still offered in many casinos over the web because many have the option of not playing with real cash. If you would like to try your luck at a game of Keno you can simply type the keyword: online keno into your search engine and you will be directed to a list of online casinos that offer this game for real cash or for fun play.


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Trials And Tribulations Of The 7-Card Stud Game

7-card stud is a type of stud poker. Seven card stud was the most popular poker in home games across the United States. In casinos in the eastern part of the country, Two to eight players was very common in this game until Texas holdem took over it in popularity. However, eight may require some special rules for the last cards dealt if no players’ fold.

Rules of playing seven card stud

The game begins with each player being served one card face up and two cards face down. The player with the lowest-ranking upcard pays the bring-in i.e. open, and betting proceeds in normal clockwise order after that. Therefore, the next player in turn cannot check as the game is open. If two players have equally valued low cards, the dealer may break the tie and assign the bring-in by seeing the high card in the tied player hands. If there is no bring-in, then the first betting round begins with the player showing the highest valued up card, who may check. In this case, suit is not to be used to break ties and the one next in clockwise rotation from the dealer acts first if two players have the same valued high upcard.

After the first betting round, another up card is dealt to each player. This is the second round on this and in all the subsequent betting rounds, the player whose face-up cards make the best poker hand will act first, and may check or bet up to the game’s limit. After fourth upcard and betting round, finally a down card is dealt and the fifth betting round starts, and then showdown if necessary. “Two down, four up, one down” is the summarization of Seven-card stud. On showdown each player makes the best five card poker hand out of the seven cards he was served.

7 cards to eight players plus 4 burn cards makes 60 cards, and there are only 52 in the deck. In most games this is not a problem because most players fold their hand in early betting rounds. If the deck gets exhausted during play, previously dealt burn cards can be used and if those are not sufficient, then on the final round instead of dealing a down card to each player, a single community card is dealt to the center of the table which is shared by everyone as their seventh card. Stud poker players use the information they get from up cards to make mathematical decisions.


Ester plays at 7 card stud for years and always enjoys sharing her knowledge. Thanks to her experience she knows many mistakes proper of this poker variant, and hopes to help other players the avoid the most common ones sharing some knowledge.